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Philosophy of the Music
An incident, the latest schedule, etc. which had the music life erased for
Yoichi J. Takahashi's music philosophy

Educational News
Colorado University of State is deep-rooted racial prejudice.
(Details are made public in the site and the racial discrimination organization, etc.
Also, the Ministry of Education in ofJapan too)

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When I watched the program called "Detention by Legal Force" on NHK-BS(National Broadcasting System) in middle of September, 2002. I was shocked very much to find out so many domestic problems in America now. This is the program mainly about the Islamic illegal immigrants in Midwood, Brooklyn, New York, but as a matter of the fact, there are so many people who feel angry about the way of the Government deal with them even though they illegally stay there. That is why the demonstration by Islamic residents there has been shown continuously, and the demonstration and the racial liberation movement by the general people of Irish, Jewish, German and many other races including the students have been shown. It is not clear whether the government and the immigration office people under the government understand this situation or not. Before September 11, 2001 the number of Islamic people was forced to go back home was one digit number, but after that incident the number increased up to thousands. In this background there is maybe too much fear of the general people, of course, but now American way to deal with it has changed its image which is so far away from the country of peace and freedom. For example, 17 years ago there was a couple who came from Pakistan and stayed in America illegally and this couple got their child. The husband were not highly educated, so he worked so hard with D-VISA and he sent some of his income to his family at home. Then, his mother at home asked him to send some his pictures to see how well he was. He wanted to be taken pictures and asked one guy near the water pool and was taken pictures, then he went back to work he was arrested by the policeman who was waiting for him there.
And he resulted to be forced to send to the prison somewhere he did not recognize.
It is said that there are about 70 million illegal immigrants indeed, but there is the fact that this things has been tacitly approved because they can do any job that the Yappies does not like. Now America has been doing the totally opposite things which its constitution suggests.
What is wrong with America now? I also concern myself with this matter, so I feel very sorry to see this matter and very afraid of it.

Why will the United States take Israel side? I am a pro-American house cannot originally forgive President of the United States at this time.
That I call a tooth "on a tooth by an eye is used seeing you" this time by an evil deed.
The world is common, and anyone should not say that life of Palestine person can be neglected.
Of course I can understand an action of President G W.Bush if I think about a vote final performance in the United States of America where Jewish occupies it a lot, and shine.
The case of New York is similar, too, and terrorism is an atrocious thing.
However, it is a too ridiculous thought that consider to be good in order to exterminate it if I do retaliation attack.
The United States which is called the world police, and shine is troubled with such a thing.
In addition, Japan becomes a yes-man of the United States, too.


I have made a medical conception as below.
"A cell of human heart circumference by a sound and a change of the enzyme
and causation with the central nerve"
"the situation lower part and relation with arrhythmia
of a heart to hear music"

Japanese medical technology is at the world top-level.
However, in terms of ethical issues, it is ranked at the third-level. In addition, the fact that a doctor license system is poor without requalification of doctor's licence.

And if an engine of Japanese government is negligent, I consider it, in particular it is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Since September11th of that brutal terrorism, we should express respect in a courageous action of a NYFD and NYPD.
However, I consider an American retaliatory measure taking an action against human rights.
It is not only the U.S.A. that make light of a thing for a left victim,then who deals afterwards?
There is only a simple and beautiful composition in the U.S.-Japan Security Treaty.
I use diplomacy to aid avandaned people before probing the Japan's attitude for the United States.
Actions of the serial NGO does not function linking to the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
It is not a democracy, the Japanese government considers it and that it is not a constitutional state.
There is many racial discrimination for Japanese in the U.S.A.
It is the fact American shining with prejudice for Japanese and for to exist, and in particular companies appear conspicuously.

The latest news

Self-Defense-Forces dispatched to Iraq recently while the Japanese government completely lacks consistency in its related actions, and to make the matters worse, those actions are disharmonized with the world cooperation. Although Prime Minister Koizumi simply obeyed the Japan-U.S. relationship and national profits, he was wrong in practice. What is the important thing ro Iraq now? It is an important thing and the view of the government which attaches importance only to national interest goes. When I was in the United States, I seldom saw the news of the Japanese government. In spite of not being carried out so much, the expectation for Japan is the actual condition which is having only a discussion with the useless governing and opposition parties in the Japanese government from the beginning. Such a thing may be given rather than more using a tax. Although it is my theory, it is the revival which Iraq needs most now, and I think that I do not want you to come to the person who wore the military uniform although it was called the Self-Defense Forces. Moreover, a problem of Japan is that there is much distrust to the national government. It is whether it can actually contribute to revival of Iraq, and a question even if the Self-Defense Forces will be dispatched from the end of 2003 at the beginning of the month in 2004. It is a problem that there are many politicians who do not know that it is still more unsafe than it. Therefore, probably, it does not change, if it is not determined that many Self-Defense Forces officials grow into a sacrifice, either.

Also musically in addition to a political thing, there is a question in the latest Japanese music.
The music industry of Japan around the 1980s can think that South Korea which is now follows. If it goes with this, I feel that music environment of Japan and the special feature unique to Japan are lost, and it does not change. In fact, most Japanese music does not hear and grow into mimicry of Western music. There is much what used the computer for the proof, and music theory etc. has many which were completely disregarded. I will be apprehensive, if it goes with this and an individual thing of Japan will be lost. That is also pro's musician's responsibility also including me. However, it is the thing actual condition in which I myself do not have the place in Japan which can play an active part. I have entrusted hope to the young musician who carries future Japan on the back.


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