Yoichi J. Takahashi, Ph.D.

I can go along the simultaneous frequent occurrence terrorism which rose in the U.S.A. (countries in the Middle East problem) this time and will write it. It is extremely contents of subjectivity, and the reason is because it makes it during the busy schedule of work. I write the consideration that an irresponsible remark, wrong own feelings seem to include definitely and increase, and please allow me.

Of course an opinion from all of you is popular, too. I would like and I look forward to a lot of emails and do reflection of an opinion of all of you to do a lesson and ask.

œ@What do United States of America and Israel plot?

Why will the United States take Israel side?
The world is common, and weight of life should need to never say that life of Palestine person is light.
Of course I can understand an action of President Bush if I think about a vote final performance in the United States of America which a Jew occupies it a lot, and shine.
Case of New York is similar, too, and terrorism is an atrocious thing.
However, it is a too ridiculous thought that consider to be good in order to exterminate it if I do retaliation attack.
The United States which it is called the world police, and shine is troubled with such a thing.
In addition, Japan becomes a yes-man of the United States, too, and there is not a thing of despite a developed nation.@It is me thinking that I certainly grieve if JFK knew it.

You should praise courageous people reached as human shield to a thing and the time of the Yasser Arafat chairperson whom it is confined, and shine.
Myself love that it is similar that it is possible.
Thus the United States orders Israeli attack?
I think that a thing of child is pacifism than an adult when I take warning by it in an infant of Palestine hatred for an Israeli, and shining.

œ@I want to try to consider it on the domestic administration of my country.

In a sense, on a matter of the Minister for Foreign Affairs taken away well in the mass media, a bad thing arrests you with a good thing recently.It was to be why intolerable if I took warning by it with an ideal method in the conventional Ministry of Foreign Affairs.In character of ministry and office, I think that it is a place without a twist relationship to be necessary for the general common people almost.I talk with various places of a person and Japanese residents abroad who studied abroad abroad, and it is the opinion.

At first I understand only North America in my experience if I say the intolerable matter that mentioned above concretely, but it is what it is amazed at if the general nation heard it.The consul of Boston that I did studying abroad of at first did extremely general life.(it is a thing of 1970's in fact) I do it, and the coming and going will be publication of a temporary passport for the tourist who lost a passport speaking of what stock rice.Japan consulates of coming Southern-California carry out well recently.Of course it is collection of Japanese information when large-scale accidents occurred.

If there is the matter which you must do for Japanese residents abroad, it is not concerned that I held@disappointment in particular and sense of surprise either, and there is much what is not executed.What work does North America charge of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs do?It is past that I had the Ministry of Foreign Affairs do it, and there is nothing.It was my experience, but while I waited at the government office, for update of a driver's license of the State of California, I met with a ruffian, and small money did not affect it in the middle either, and, as an example, it was declined with saying that I asked a consulate for a collect call.You must not originally stop that you receive a collect call on the occasion of such an emergency.The problem was the sequel.A consul of those days had you come out when I offered the experience to a consulate the next day and apologized.It was a clue, and I was invited home.However, it thought that it was one word for such a thing to say really in surprise because the thing which it saw there was terrible.There was the screen which there was by gorgeous Chinese lacquering in a living room.I said that it "was excellent antique." The wife answered it with I "bought it by definite around 8000 dollars and purchased it in ministry and office, and shell being good."And it is for it to have been said that "we public employee is the time if it is good."
Because a high-quality sportscar looked like a garage, "this says to the head of a family for private use coolly when I who am a car-lover am interested and I "say and say that it is a car" that a thing of a motor car is good."It is person who purchased them by public money and thinks that I try hard I save it, and to get over the current recession and make a fool of the ‚é nation in a rest and shine, and it is that is to say a tax.Despite the the State of California which is car society, will a sportscar doing anything more than 50000 dollars be necessary?

œ@On a simultaneous frequent occurrence terrorism case, I want to admonish you.

At first I want to express respect from a heart for New York fire fighting city where I act in case of terrorism that happened on September 11, and it has been died and courage and a condolence of a policeman.
A problem thinks that it is not it if I do not think about saying why the U.S.A. is considered to be a target at several

It is a name to call Usama Bin Laden by this case at one sweep was to disturb everything in the world reason, but there will not be that it is for him alone to be never an owner of anti-U.S.A. feelings till I say either.
A problem is because this brutal suicidal explosion terrorism broke out. Even if the person who is an anti-U.S.A. group commits murder personally, I cannot become such a big problem. The building where a pair of swords or a lot of terrorism occurred until now, and New York was the greatest as for this time was a target.
The reason will be because pentagon was attacked by it.

It seems to be criticized by people of the family who became dead when I write such a thing, but the person who became dead thinks that it is not only New York, and we must notice a thing. I put up a reckless action named the American crime that I committed to become a past in various ways on a shelf and will not be too too one-sided? There is not originally I oneself which is a pro-American house on the American retaliation attack that I took after a case of this time if I feel sorrow and an ugly political background.I want to ask you who have you read this it. Even if I say a jihad (a crusade), and a young Muslim scuttles itself for anything as for me, the U.S.A. is so hateful? Will it be only me that think whether I must not think from the place?

I think why I went over though Mr. Bin Laden which mentioned above in the past was a pro-American house until now that, needless to say, I am from the time of Saudi Arabian station of the U.S.A. force in addition to it. It is the general Buddhist who is not a Jew believer if it is not I oneself Muslim. However, they of a true Muslim do a thing as man and woman discrimination if I watch it generally. However, though it is natural most of a Japanese house cast shoes, and to enter it, Westerners wore shoes, and it will be what kind of feeling as we Japanese if stepped on a tatami mat. There seem to be the countries and culture, and naturally will not it be natural for there to be difference of a religious thing? It is a selfish supposition, but it is the fact that the American armed forces start a thing of man and woman equality in a bad meaning recently to a sacred place of Islam, and shine. In experience of my subjectivity, what it is not exaggeration and talks with man even if what time says by all means when a problem occurred between companies in the U.S.A. and solves is fact. It is a story it is whether it is off-the record that say that "a nose is high in the woman soldier" between Americans, and to be famous all. Therefore, as for a sacred place and a Muslim believing, may not such a race understand that I am angry? It is natural not to be able to justify murder, but I bet own life, and they shine, and the contents are different from an American retaliation at all yet.

Because it seems to be said whether "you are stupid", many most do not want to tell that such write a thing.
It is for an action of rear support (it will be support party to do including Sadako Ogata of United Nations high commissioner already currently) to do Japanese government after having taken warning by it by a conventional history when I say by a word. Will not what say that most are useless, and what there was do not pollute a hand of oneself, and a lot of bomgings by mistake play it and attack the food which the U.S.A. dropped during Afghanistan air blows be too immoral?

In addition, attack for the Palestine residence ward that Israel of the present goes is similar. Even anger feels that this absolutely would like you to stop it instantly. This is the attack that is atrocity more more than an American retaliation. It is a product between superpowers, and it is fact that there were the old Soviet Union and American political process, and will not these many problems threaten peace of various places living with it calmly on a given occasion a person originally to get it? One degree has figuring out in countries in the Middle East problem with me who am ignorant.

œ@I do not exclude diplomacy of recent Japanese government and originally think whether it is not diplomatic clumsy Japan.

I might parallel a problem of a foregoing paragraph, but because it was a thing of what time, I heard it and got tired. On a matter of U.S.-Japan Security Treaty, it is a problem to be difficult same as nine lines of constitutions to become source in question.

The ruling and opposition parties had trouble about a matter of special law plan of rear support of American air blows this time. At last the situation changes at the actual place if I thought that a bill passed it. I am poor and am ashamed. Besides, because it is person moving by U.S.A. leadership in a shameful thing, sesame pickpocket diplomacy has stood out. There is a change, and, for an existing Koizumi cabinet and the Prime Minister, I oneself may be considerably to have felt shell expecting very much too much. Because the point is the person who can say that no is no clearly in addition to the U.S.A., as for Foreign Minister Tanaka, interest assumes that I am excellent. However, Ministry of Foreign Affairs itself that is being near a highborn person of the Foreign Minister Tanaka is too bad. It is a minimum the worst bureaucratic group, but, in a reason, a good change is not enacted after all. I think that I do not want a result, a country as an American slave to become it all the time.

œ@It is no whether Japan is a constitutional state in a parliamentary democracy nation.

Of course I become it on a constitution so, but it is the fact that the contents are countries far apart very.
The thing which is prepotency of the House of Representatives than the House of Councilors even at the legislature of my country taking a bicameral system is firm. It will be the fact that an opinion from the person who is minority is not readily reflected. I am third-rate as it and a constitutional state. Even if a policeman is with the evidence by my circumference, it seems to become common sense that wives hide the occupation. On the other hand, in the U.S.A., a thing of walk of a policeman is evaluated, and it is the thing which can say fairly, and men are popular with a woman when they marry, and it is jeered. On the other hand, it will be fact that a dark image does not disappear somehow when I say a Japanese policeman. It is funny in fact I eat junk food by an underwear figure, and to be when it comes back to a branch office if outside can drink none of the tea during duties, and a policeman of a uniform figure thinks with. Then I seem to receive the feeling that is a strike range from Westerners why I do it to the place though even a policeman is a human being. Therefore will not it be these days when a disgraceful affair of a policeman coming from the stress does not die out?

œ@Racial discrimination it was concealed and gets up, and to shine that it is known, and there is not.

I can say only a thing in the U.S.A., but discrimination to African series black by a white man was most speaking of racial discrimination, but notices it that, actually, it is not only it.countries in the Middle East problem becomes the center, and it is ‚é these days, but it is the fact that Japanese as me discriminates still from a more American company of American.It is the fact that Japanese as me still discriminates from an American and U.S. corporation.I am angry that I leave that it is very rude in a staying in Japan American bank recently and watch that I invite credit cards with a thing of vip-off selling in the reason to be good with my mothers not understanding English either.

If there is it in the U.S.A., patience is finished.When fact I studied abroad, it was character of a place New England district.It was an owner of a very conservative ideology.It is good for it to be spitted, and it is one thing.It is heard whether "you are a Chinese or a Korean" when I enter the coffee shop which appeared in the suburbs a little.Manner changes completely as soon as I answered it that it is Japanese, and there was able to be the thing that I do not drink one coffee either.Besides, a local sheriff does it when I take a thing of the atom bomb which I dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and it is said that I "want you to leave because you cannot guarantee your life."Of course it is the reason that it thinks that the sheriff oneself is good, and it orders, but it is fact that there are many conservative towns different from a big city gone in trips usually, and exist.If it lets you say to them, will it be the Bible which mentioned above?
A mule is similar, and countries of Islam will want to come to say the Bible, too.

I think that it is hopeless to be exasperating that such type a thing. Even I who learned psychology think that it is unusual for an exasperating thing to break out by this a little. In fact the news done successively for three days is done, and attack for Israeli Palestine person shines in news of television now, but thinks that it is to be really sad. In addition, for a thing of such a quasi-human road, what feels resentment for government of my country which cannot say a thing.I think that it is hopeless to be exasperating that such type a thing.
Even I who learned psychology think that it is unusual for an exasperating thing to break out by this a little.
In fact the news done successively for three days is done, and attack for Israeli Palestine person shines in news of television now, but thinks that it is to be really sad. In addition, for a thing of such a quasi-human road, what feels resentment for government of my country which cannot say a thing.

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