Music Composer Yoichi J. Takahashiashi, PhD

The first photograph in the Top Page shows my playing the piano in A&M (tm) Recording Studio in Los Angeles CA.
The next photograph shows a score sheet of music using the various logic of the modern music that I composed freely.

Snap Picture Album

Greeting and Introduction

I am very happy that I have the ability to share a piece of my self with you via this website.I hope that you will find your stay enjoyable as well as informative. As a musician, composer and Medical Professor, it is my goal to not only shed some light on my personal views and history regarding the many facets of music but to also encourage the promotion and exchange of opinions that you, my visitors, may have.
This web site is a collaborative effort between myself and suggestions that I receive from people who visit. So, please write me an email as to how you would wish this homepage to reflect your input and thoughts. My constant aim is to always make improvements wherever possible.
While viewing this site, I recommend starting at the top and then proceeding downwards.
I really don't want to stay in the US. always.
However, no matter where I am, not interesting about anything in the State. Especialy Colorado University's Music Facurity. They are so much terrible and not interigency.
Also, hey are not realy Japanese Character and bad attitude.
Therefore, I do not care about this kind of educational system.


These snap photographs collection in Recording Studio

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