The slaughter of Israel is cruel

Israeli troop is slaughtering it because of a small attack from Gaza. It is a child and it is a woman more than half the number of the victim.
The United States United States that has connived at such a fact and the United Nations might be amusing.
Therefore,various foreign countries should not connive either. It is necessary to protest in any way without thinking that Japan is others thing.
It is necessary to understand the thing that it breaks out there is not such a cruel reaching in foreign countries.
The large country thinks only about the profit of an economical thing and the home country.
If it is a thing that can be done, I want to go to the locale and to rescue people of Gaza. The heart is pained every time it knows such news. Why is the advanced country leaving it?
The word of the funeral is not miserably found by the victim in Gaza.
I aspire when I want you to hold off such a tragedy.
When the thing that is the United States is forgotten, it doesn't become it.

Yoichi J. Takahhashi Ph.D. at 8/15/2006

Is there the one called a correct war?

Of course Japanese fought in the past and learnt honorable of the life since 1945.
However, an honorable life becomes it not is in the Middle East for politics, economy, and an international relation, etc. today.
This war is a thing that Israel is one-sided, non-humane, ugly, and sad. It is evidence that the dissenting opinion goes out of the opposition party in the fact and Israel.
It is in the United States that the more Israel attacks it, the more is enriched, and the modern arms etc. are made in the United States.
However, there is only a rocket in Lebanon such as Hezbollah and the dead are one digit or more more abundant Lebanon's.
Moreover, Israel is bombing the passage though I want to deliver the emergency aid goods such as the United Nations.
My father's company has already canceled the employment of this Israeli who is miserable and is doing the evil doing by about ten people.
Japan does say, and is very regrettable why of the United States.
Israel kept attacking it until the cease-fire verge on which it voted in the United Nations. It can be said only it is non-humane. The criticism from another country will not be avoided.
My thinking that I contradicted very much made noise like that for the matter of 9.11 of the United States.
However, it is possible to think as if the rice Secretary of State etc. were enjoying playing a game this time.
The barrier is very minded recently when it is a big dispute since the fourthly middle war. However, isn't most Japanese' things not interesting amusing?
Moreover, thinking for the United States etc. to be backing up this dispute doesn't become possible.
Time is too taking as U.N. Secretary-General was said for the resolution for this cease-fire mediation.
The thing such as the United States that are the large countries like human affairs that the civilian including the child and the woman is dying between those is too indifferent.
I like United States in various respects for the education. However, it is still only a question mark for the idea of a favorite Bush political power and the Republican Party as for the war.
The diplomacy of the United States of today is quite wrong. It means the same thing though actually talks with the American by me.
However, it is mysterious why to have chosen such the president.
Japanese Government means the United States for diplomacy apart from domestic affairs, too. I think that it is an unbelievable country.
The country must be the same as the weight of person's life. The diplomacy of the United States goes mad as having returned to the United States before President Lincoln in it.
It of Japan might be similar. Because it is a country in whom the son in the United States.
When it is a purpose to occupy Lebanon, Israeli troop is imagination of me.
This is a humane thing that cannot be permitted, and has neither Israeli government nor Israeli troop in man.
The thing whose thing to repeat the attack immediately before the cease-fire time voted on in the United Nations is the non-humane country is indicated.
This does the moneymaking by the Jew in the United States and is evidence from the abstinence production to work as for a crime of the moneymaking.
Syria etc. say the Hezbollah army so that the United States may conceal a crime of the home country arms help.
However, this is a good translation. Powerful arms are granted to Israeli troop by modern ages made in the United States.
It collapses with the life of the civilian in such Lebanon that becomes it
extensive. It is completely of this homicide
It attacked it for making the fact and Israeli troop for that time even if the cease-fire resolution moved a homicide attack in the United Nations.
It is in the United States that assists in the slaughter.
As for the thing that doesn't become it, believing doesn't stop when countries on the earth absolutely permit such a thing.

Yoichi J. Takahhashi Ph.D. at 8/15/2006