=== Transfiguration of Immigration Bureau when entering a country in the United States ===

Well, the refusal of entering a country is very done in the loss angels international airport in the summer of 2004 though it is a personal matter and it has been taken into custody at night. This is a translation that the thing has become an important thing from the thing said that the cigarette was smoked in the rest room in inside the plane of the SQ12 flight (Singapore Airlines) though I do not have no. However, when I actually entered the rest room, fragrant of the cigarette of the person who had already been used in front of me was. It was eternal to buy a lot of cigarettes in Narita's duty free shop because the cigarette was expensive in the United States though it was the usual. However, it is still believed that Singapore Airlines is a very wonderful company in my most favorite airline. However, I was the misunderstanding in the flight attendant in that case, and received the treatment in the exaggeration without with the person even if it said. It is also true in the evidence for a young person in his/her twenties to be taken into custody to authorities excluding me, and to have existed in cruel eyes. I know not the first time receiving such a treatment in coming and going in Japan-U.S. by the result and now about 100 times, and problems the cigarette but things most. Other airlines (It is about the smoking seat) will be chosen wanting smoke the cigarette because. However, I was always using the service of an airline concerned because I would arrive now in 8 or 9 hours. It was seized, and the careless one by being not able the Hakkiri of the document. It is a place that human rights, separates powers to me of must the pro-american person it at this the United States, and has become unbelievable.

Moreover, it is also consequentially true that it has become a counterproductivity though it is thought the good withering and objected partly variously because Mr. YK who was as a certain female section chief of Fizer Seiyaku that multiplies thoroughly by an unlucky thing with me and goes together liked me in leisurely English. In a word, it might be a thing that there is no other way that the matter of terrorism variously certainly keeps nervous since 9.11. However, it is a thing that she one has done a big mistake to have said entering in the bag for my in-flight bringing in the thing that entered the check bag (bag that is not bringing in-flight in). When this became fatal, and it arrived at the LA international airport, flight attendant's person told to the airport security member so. Therefore, it was said, "You must get off at the end" and a strange somehow sense did though it was not possible to understand somehow first. It was put in the interrogation room of Administration Bureau while not becoming it, and the Watashiitsu person was appropriate for cruel eyes. variously remained in an untouched counter of immigration control after all askingI was not able to take a nap until the next day, and returned home did without being beaten with the policeman's club, being put in the prison, and allowing water to be drunk in the "rokusuppo" far from meal when she stayed alone at the nearby hotel though was. It returned home while enclosed it by FA in the seat in the tail and entrusted to the passport. It had fallen at last when getting exhausted and having arrived at Narita.

Having put it away the deprivation of the music life already is true in my blotting out nerve though things of unquestionable in any way though carried to the Japan redcross society hospital in the vicinity of New Tokyo International Airport the ambulance. If there was no biotic person in charge like that, being not able to put in question in any way was an old trick of the airline, and the woman who went together seems not to have understood either. It might be a thing that there is no other way that liked her of course and it was also making of me who not is ..the dislike... However, it was very lonely for a careless ideal way to which United States immigration control was flagrant between Japan-U.S. about there and not to be able to say anything though the person of Consulate General of Japan in the U.S. had been variously taken care of, too.

After it returned home, it knew there was variously Carac and it was astonished at the back. It was a thing that the person in charge in the office adhered to United States Immigration Bureau in the office where the person who also the lawyer office (professor related to the immigrant) in which origin and United States immigration control got a position a private company, and had got into trouble it by the United States entering a country like me in the major company was treated. Does not it know these things, and does nobody ..few.. know money is gained to the other party of a lot of Japanese?When it was the one not saying the diplomacy of our country where the despised thing was very miserable not gotten, what it the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was not able to mean because the thing was Japan-U.S., too had lonely time.

How the problem in guard and about it is possible to say, and the seizure to cash etc. because of it? there is no thing, that is, the hold one's own with to very much and terrorismHow does this thing seem from you?Actually, do you know there is person who has suffered damage by this thing a lot?